Complete - Healthy Home Assessment


  • 1 Hour Virtual Zoom Call with Meagan and Candice (Feng Shui by Candice)
  • Personalized Home Assessment
  • Customized Healthy Home Digital Guidebook with Feng Shui, Interior Design and Lifestyle Tips
  • Evidence Based Actionable Strategies to Enhance Your Quality of Life in Your Home and Beyond!

Why a Healthy Home Assessment with Feng Shui?

Our virtual Healthy Home Assessment is designed for people looking for evidence based solutions to improve their mental, physical and psychological well being.

We spend over 90% of our time indoors and approximately 12-16 hours in our homes. What we found in our research is the toxins and chemicals found in our building materials and finishes impact our physical health. Additionally, other factors such as lighting design, color psychology, and space have an impact on our mental and emotional health.

Interior Design and Feng Shui combined is a powerful duo. Feng Shui is simply about creating an environment that supports you, rather than depletes you. Combined we give you the tools you need to create an environment that works in tandem with your life goals.

How We Do It:

Think of this assessment as going to the doctor. Typically, you would not go to a doctor and tell them what you have. Instead, the doctor would ask a series of questions to prescribe a solution that best suits your symptoms. Think of us as your design doctor.

Things we look include:

  • Spacial Layout (Floor Plan and Furniture Placement)**
  • Lighting
  • Finishes (Carpet, Wood, Etc)
  • Heating and Air Maintenance
  • Current Color Scheme
  • Age of Home
  • Wet Areas (Showers, Laundry Room, etc)
  • Cleaning and Cooking Materials
  • Start Dates and Times for Home Projects**
  • Actions You Can Take Based Off of Your Personal Energy**
  • How to Use the Energy In Your Home**

During the assessment, we will ask a series of questions, these get personal, and dive deep. This enables us to put together a Healthy Home Guidebook with Feng Shui, that is tailored to you and your family.

**Areas Marked Are Feng Shui Related and Led by Feng Shui Specialist Candice**

How do I know if a Healthy Home Assessment with Feng Shui is right for me?

Our Healthy Home Assessment with Feng Shui is customized to you and your home. We ask a series of questions to prescribe realistic, evidence based and mathematical solutions that can have a positive impact on:

  • Asthma and Allergies
  • Migraines and Headaches
  • Sleep, Mood, Productivity
  • Anxiety and Mental Health
  • Personal Energy and Healing


"I did a Healthy Home Assessment with Meagan and Candice virtually and they were able to prescribe me a solution to help me sleep better simply by suggesting how to change my space. I received color ideas, room layout suggestions, design ideas, ways to declutter and even lifestyle tips to get me into a healthier sleep pattern. After just one night of implementing their ideas, I can gladly say that my sleep is so much better. Additionally, I feel like I have more space in my room and better lighting! The Healthy Home Guidebook changed my life, I highly suggest this for everyone!" - Dylan Moore

Disclaimer: We are not health professionals, always consult with a licensed health professional first and foremost. While we believe our design concepts can help support your life, it is not the cure, but part of the solution.